The Colony House
A Tradition of Service for Almost 200 Years

(Note:  Information will be added as discovered.)

The Colony House is committed to providing quality meals at reasonable prices.  All meals are prepared freshly each day.   We attempt to prepare each meal according to your dietary needs or special requests.  We invite you to come by for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner any day of the week.

The Colony House Restaurant opened for business in 1990, located in what was once known as The National Hotel.  As part of the Mechanicsburg Commerical Historical District, We are pleased to follow in a long tradition of service to Mechanicsburg and the surrounding communities.

National Register of Historic Places

Mechanicsburg Commercial Historic District (added 1983 - District - #83002232)
Main St. from Arch to High St., Mechanicsburg
Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering, Event
Architect, builder, or engineer: Multiple
Architectural Style: Late Victorian, Georgian
Area of Significance: Architecture, Commerce
Period of Significance: 1800-1824, 1825-1849, 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924
Owner: Private , Local Gov't
Historic Function: Commerce/Trade, Domestic, Government, Religion
Historic Sub-function: Fire Station, Government Office, Religious Structure, Single Dwelling
Current Function: Commerce/Trade, Domestic, Government, Religion
Current Sub-function: Fire Station, Government Office, Religious Structure, Single Dwelling

If you have any information, including stories, old news clippings, or photos, we would like to include a copy of them on our website.

Here is an excerpt from the Mechanicsburg Borough Council Minutes dates July 19, 2005:

From the History of Dauphin County:

Earliest Known Photograph - No Date.

1858 The Union Hotel, 1858 Borough Plan, H.F. Bridgens, Philadelphia, Jas. A. McCoy, Proprietor
  1872 Mechanicsburg Ward Map
National Hotel Owner A. Heikes
and A.B. Lerew as Proprietor

1876      An Advertisement from 1876.     
1883 National House, 1883, J.A, McClure, Proprietor
1893      From the 1893 Mechanicsburg Directory.    

Note that the house directly adjacent to the building on the right is now gone (see the 1917  photo below).  
Today, this is the main entrance to the parking lot.

This advertisement, taken from the "Rescue Appeal" is dated Saturday, December 23, 1893.


1908      From the 1908 Mechanicsburg Directory.    
1913 The National Hotel, 1913-14
John S. Robinson, Proprietor
Moore's Standard Directory,
The Ladies' World
The Ideal Publication For Women and the Home
Costs Only 50 Cents Per Year

One of Many Postcards Made in Germany
The National Hotel is on the Right, Just Behind the Buggy
Circa 1910

This photo was taken circa 1917.   Note the home next door appears very much the same as it does today.

1925      From the 1925 Mechanicsburg Directory.

     Phone: Bell 88 C V 23-Y

This photograph was taken in 1960.  Note that the facade has been completely
changed and an addition now appears on the right side of the building.  Also, the "National" Hotel name is no longer showing.

We gratefully acknowledge the historic research from the Archival Collection of the Mechanicsburg Museum Association and the Cumberland County Historical Society for the time and effort in assisting us with compiling the information presented here.